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Being an Employee-owned company
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Founded in 2007, Handy Brand Ltd stands at the forefront of innovation in the design and print industry. Born from a vision to bridge the gap in the market by offering high-quality printed labels, stickers and tags in small to medium quantities.


Our journey began with the building of Handy Labels and Handy Tags – two sub-brands dedicated to transforming how businesses and individuals express their brands and communicate value through superior quality labels, stickers and tags.

Handy Labels came to life in 2007 after identifying a significant need in the market for small to medium-sized print quantities of labels and stickers. At that time, the options were sparse, with very few companies offering a diverse selection of shapes, sizes, and materials for immediate online purchase at fair prices. Stepping into this gap, we have continued to serve this need ever since.

Handy Tags was set up in 2011 after realising there were few options for purchasing quality printed, custom swing tags online in the UK. The main thing that sets us apart from your average general printer is our specialisation in this product. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of shapes, sizes and materials to buy instantly online at budget-friendly prices with a fast turnaround.

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At Handy Brand Ltd, we believe that every label and tag holds the potential to tell a story, make a statement, and leave a lasting impression. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in every product we craft, from the initial design to the final print.

With a focus on using state-of-the-art technology and materials, we ensure that every item we produce meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Why not try it yourself?

For any questions you may have regarding our products or services, please contact a friendly member of our team who will be glad to help.

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